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Our dog needs a walk every day. Walking on paved streets had become boring. Hence, strolls through Davis Farm Conservation Land in North Sudbury off Route 117.

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel scampers through the woods. I stroll and I classify the trails. The main trail is actually an unpaved road leading straight to the highest hill, down toward the hay field and then left around the bottom of the hill and back out to the parking lot.

On the southwest slope of the main hill, there is a wonderful experience awaiting you -- the North Sudbury black forest. Here, the white pines dominate and little else grows. As you enter, it gets darker. The forest floor is covered with pine needles. You can stay on the trail, but you don't have to. There is plenty of space to walk among the trees.

Exiting out the other side, you can veer to the right and onto the old railbed or you can veer to the left and circumnavigate the hay field. The walk around the hay field has many oaks and pines with diameters exceeding 12 inches. These are handsome trees.

Lady Juliet, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, cares not about the black forest or the specimen trees. By the time we return to the car, Lady Juliet has been exercised enough and we can return home. The walk was soft underfoot and there were plenty of interesting scents for her.


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Black Forest Pine Black Forest Path Black Forest Floor Base of Large Oak Autumn Blueberry Leaves Sledding Slope Before Snow Autumn Hayfield Stones Blue Sky


A location map showing the parking area (red symbol), Route 117, Pantry Road, Dakin Road, and Windmill Drive.

Davis Farm Parking

A map of Davis Farm Conservation Land is shown below. The area in pink is the Davis Farm Conservation Land as of January 2012. The striped areas are wet. They are easy to walk in the winter but require muck boots at any other time. This is especially true of the section between the "Bench" and the "Main Road". The white area (Parcel C10-0500) contains the soccer fields and the model airplane flying area. The row of large spruce trees stretches from the pink-orange-white junction northeastward.

Davis Trails

The common dog-walker route is to park at "ParkingMap", head almost due south to the "Fork", fork left and take the "Main Road", continue on the Inner Loop, turn right toward the "Bridge", turn right (northwest) and pass the field on your right, turn right and walk to the "Summit", and then turn left continuing to the "Fork" and the "ParkingMap".

My favorite area is labelled "Black Forest".

You can walk the railroad bed toward Sudbury Center (south) or into Concord (north). You may encounter some brush along the way.